Mold Testing

Granite Inspection Group provides mold testing services for residential and commercial property owners throughout New York State. Mold often goes undetected because it thrives in hidden places like behind walls, tiles and insulation. If we’ve concluded that you are likely to have an issue during a Mold Assessment/Inspection, we will recommend testing to verify our findings. Remember, only a NYS-Licensed Mold Assessor like Granite Inspection Group can properly perform a Mold Inspection and assessment and conduct tests to verify our findings.

Our service area includes Dutchess County, Ulster County, Orange County, Putnam County, Columbia County, Greene County, Sullivan County and Westchester County. Other counties upon request!

Types of Mold Tests

Air Testing: testing for airborne mold spores.

Swab Sampling:
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Petri Analysis :
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Bulk Sampling:
Actual removal of a piece of the effected and/or questionable material to have tested and analyzed.

Surface testing: testing for mold growth on suspicious stains, discolored areas or other irregular surface appearances.

Different types of mold require different types of treatment. So, testing is highly recommended prior to any clean up or remediation. Our mold tests will help you understand whether this is something you can address yourselves, or whether you will need a qualified professional.