Mold Inspection

Granite Inspection Group is licensed to perform mold inspections and assessments for residential and commercial property owners throughout the entire state of New York. Our service area includes Dutchess County, Ulster County, Orange County, Putnam County, Columbia County, Greene County, Sullivan County and Westchester County. Other counties upon request!

Mold Assessment Process

  • Inspect and assessment property conditions, particularly areas of concern
  • Review findings and suggested sampling plan with owner or tenant
  • Conduct Mold Tests as deemed necessary
  • Create/Produce assessment report with testing information and results
  • Create/Produce remediation action plan (if applicable)
  • Post Remediation assessment and clearance testing to verify work of remediation efforts

Information in Our Mold Inspection Report

  • Identify suspected areas of possible and/or existing mold growth
  • Identify areas where conducive conditions are present
  • Recommended corrective actions in dealing with the remediation process.

A Granite Inspection Group mold inspection is a non-destructive visual inspection for mold and conditions that cause mold. A mold inspection will identify and document evidence of mold growth, moisture issues and other potentially suspicious indications of a mold problem. With the use of various diagnostic tools like, our infrared thermal imaging cameras and electronic moisture detection equipment allow us to detect issues behind walls, tile, insulation, and other hidden places without any physical damage.

Only a NYS-Licensed Mold Assessor like Granite Inspection Group can properly perform a Mold Inspection and Assessment to evaluate areas likely to contain mold. If we identify areas likely to have mold, we will recommend Mold Testing.