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Mold Inspection

A visual inspection using state-of-the-art testing equipment to perform building diagnostic in determining problematic or potential areas of concern.

Mold Testing

Sampling of suspected areas using various methods to confirm the presence of genes and species of mold and fungi growth presence.

Health Effects of Mold

Do you suspect that mold allergies are making you sick?

Remediation Protocols

Our remediation plans are based on the onsite assessment, visual inspection, building diagnostics and protocols recommended by the Department of Health and EPA professional industry standards and best practices.

Post Remediation Assessment

A re-visit is performed and an onsite assessment and inspection to evaluate the remediation actions and protocols performed to verify and confirm the effectiveness in removal of mold and fungi. Learn more.

Post Revelation Test Approval

Sampling and testing of the remediated and no-remediated areas are performed to confirm and validate remediation efforts were effective.

Mold FAQs

Have a question about mold or mold testing?

Mold Experts

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